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1500 Series Vinyl Side-Loading Windows

Dependable and durable, the Kinro 1500 Series Vinyl Windows have the long lasting endurance to add beauty to your home year after year. For over 40 years, Kinro has stood by their products and will always be there for their customers in the future.

Inside and out, Kinro 1500 Series Vinyl Windows have a neat, fresh and clean appearance that will brighten any room. Their sleek slight lines and quality construction will compliment your home's decor. The stylish design of our vinyl windows will enhance the beauty of your home for years to come. Multiple sizes makes our 1500 Series Windows as flexible as they are beautiful. 1,000's of customers over 40 years can't be wrong - come see the Kinro difference today!

1500_horizontal 1500_verticle
1500 Series Single Hung Vinyl Window 1500 Series Horizontal Rolling Vinyl Window
1500 Series Side Load Vinyl Window Features and Benefits:

Optional frame designs
   Standard frame for use with all wall/sliding types.  Lap frame provides an integral siding
   pocket that eliminates t
he need for additional siding trim pieces. 

Heat fusion welded frame
   Provides superior structural strength and prevents potential leakage at the corners.

Multi-chambered frame
   Improves thermal and sound insulating values.

Staggered weep system
   Channels water to the outside of the window and allows minimum dust infiltration.

Hot melt sealed insulating glass
   1/2" air space and "intercept" spacer provides optimal thermal performance.  Unit is
   sealed to protect against air
and moisture leakage.

High quality fin seal weatherstrip
   Gives a positive seal around sash/vent perimeter protecting against the elements, noise
   and dust.

Optional internal grid
   Color matched to the exterior window frame.  Internal grids ease cleaning of the glass

Block and tackle balance

   Ensures that the operating sash glides effortlessly.

1500summer 1500winter
Keep warm air out in the summer Keep warm air in during winter months


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